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A Beginner's Guide to Supplements

Are you making the most of your time in the gym? Maybe your diet and your workouts are on point, but there's something still holding you back - it could be time to look at the supplements you should be taking. 


Like most things in life the what and why questions are the most important whenever you are looking to make a decision. This is a great place to start when you are thinking about supplements, especially as a beginner. 

What? What are you looking to gain

Why? Why do you think supplements will help with this

For example if you are looking to improve your immune system and help yourself stay healthy, this would be a great what? Now you can be more specific in what you look at to improve these areas like a well rounded multi vitamin.

Now question why this will help with this goal, aren’t you already getting enough vitamins in your diet? This will help you justify the purchase of a supplement or not. 


There are hundreds of supplement companies all supplying the same stuff! So how do I know who to trust?

This is where a bit of research can come in really helpful. Take for example whey protein, there a seemingly hundreds of options, mass gainer, BCAA’s included, Diet whey, vegan whey and so on and so on! At the end of the day actual whey protein supplements are refined milk! It’s the easiest way of getting some easily digestible extra protein into your diet. So as long as its got that basic ingredient it all boils down to cost and preferred flavour. We recommend waiting for a supplement company to have a sale and get yourself a bargain.

So do a bit of research on anything you are looking to supplement with and don’t be fooled by clever marketing gimmicks. Always look at the ingredients and make an informed decision.


If you are a beginner looking into supplements for help with the gym, health, weight loss, joint pain or anything else. Remember the clue is in the name! Often we want the one pill to solve all our problems but I am afraid that often doesn’t exist! 

Supplements are there to help us reach optimum performance or health along side the actual hard work it takes to get this. If you are looking to improve your health it will be a mixture of lots of things that will actually help you get there. Exercise, diet, sleep, hydration and stress management to name a few. 

Start by making small changes towards your goals and use supplements to aid you in this journey!